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Space Availability - Podcast Studio

The IWU Podcast Studio offers a way to produce high-quality audio recordings for content such as;

  • podcasts
  • online lectures
  • interviews
  • student assignments
  • oral histories

There are many possible outputs for your project; anything from assigning students to upload audio files into GoogleDrive to creating and sharing a podcast with the world.

Before using the Podcast Studio please contact Rick Lindquist for training on the equipment. Also, see our Podcast Studio LibGuide for more information.

This room may be booked

  • In 30 minute increments
  • Up to 90 minutes per day
  • Up to one month in advance

The studio is located in room 230, on the second floor Ames Library,and may be used by students, faculty, and staff.

If you have needs that can not be met with this scheduling system please contact Katy Ritter at (309) 556-3172.

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